The Film is underway!

Matt and Ryan sat down this weekend to begin the momentus task of editing the enormous amount of footage from the trip back in January. We’ve also been lucky enough to have a team of people volunteer to help edit the rushes for different segments of the film which we can then bring together into what will hopefully be a cohesive piece of film for people to enjoy. Once we’ve compiled the rushes for different segment we’ll begin working out the structure of what we’ve shot so we can share with the audience the most authentic but also the most interesting version of the events that unfolded in Africa. Some of the sections include cleaning and climbing Le Dent De Man (The tooth) visiting the local school and showing them how to climb (Spoiler alert, they were pretty damn good!) and a few of Alkis’ epics through the jungle and on the climbs. We’re really excited to start sharing bits of footage with everyone. Watch this space and stay tuned!