Alkis Tsapanidis

Alkis has sent over 900 routes across all disciplines and has over 10 years of climbing experience. His knowledge of the sport is pretty on point earning him the nickname of Gandalf. Questionable power screams aside, away from climbing Alkis can be found either eating stupidly hot chilis or cooking up something tasty on the BBQ.

Favourite Problem: Mark’s Roof Original [Gardom’s]
Grades Climbed: 7b (V8) (Bouldering), 7a+ (Sport), E3 (Trad)
Ollie Ross

Ollie’s favourite climbing experience to date has been deep water soloing off the coast of Lundy Island. He’s a bit of a mountain goat, most commonly spotted in the mountains of North Wales.

Grades Climbed: 7a+ (V7) (Bouldering), F6c+ (Sport), E3 (Trad)
Favourite Problem: Gorilla Warfare, Curbar.
Matt Greenwell

Matt has been climbing for about 7 years. He enjoys getting out to crags and often finds himself behind the lens. He is a professional freelance videographer and photographer with experience in filming extreme sports and the outdoors. He often has to be reminded to actually climb stuff when he gets carried away taking photos. Nobody can understand his thick West Country accent. Honest.

See more of his work at

Insta @Matt_Gwell  Fb @mattgreenwellmedia

Favourite Problem: Saruman (Goblin Combe, Somerset)
Grades Climbed: V5 (Bouldering), 6B (Sport), HS 4B (Trad)
Astrid Southam

Astrid has been climbing for approximately 2 and a half years. She’s super determined when it comes to nailing a problem, just so that she can yell “Right On!”. Astrid claims to be an insomniac, when in reality she just drinks north of 2L of tea a day, and has a small bladder.

Grades Climbed: f6c+ (Bouldering), F7a+ (Sport), E3 (Trad).
Ryan Timms

Ryan has been climbing for 2 and a half years and has previously been involved in charity work in Africa. He claims to hate having his photo taken with his top off, but secretly loves being snapped sending a problem with his pipe-cleaner arms out. Watching Ryan trying to sport climb is comedy for anyone else at the crag.

Favourite Problem: The Cave Problem [Robin Hood’s Stride]

Grades Climbed: f7a+ (Bouldering), F6c (Sport), E2 (Trad).